LiderA Congress - May 18 to 20 – IST Congress Centre - Lisbon

Between the 18 and 20 of May at the Congress Center of IST, it will take place the LiderA Congress, under the theme "Creating Value to Sustainability." Over 30 speakers are part of the conference program, which address forms, experience and success stories on how to create value and contribute to sustainability in construction and real estate.

Once again, IPA provides technical support to Congress. Additional information can be obtained at the following address: http://www.lidera.info/?p=MenuContPage&MenuId=15&ContId=33

New Legislation on Environmental Responsibility

The Decree-Law No. 147/2008 of 29 July establishes an objective and subjective civil liability regime, under which economic operators and polluters are required to compensate the injured for damages suffered through an environmental component.

This legislation applies to a wide range of operators (including those covered by the legislation regarding the Environmental Permit) and requires operators to provide financial guarantees, enabling them to take environmental responsibility inherent to their activities. These guarantees consist of the subscription of insurance policies, bank guarantees, participation in environmental funds or the provision of capital reserved for this purpose.

For more information and to know the positioning of your company and the best solution to your environmental responsibility contact us.

EIS of Falesia D'Rey project get an approval by environmental authorities.

The IPA has made the Environmental Impact Study of Tourism Project Falesia D'Rey in Óbidos, having obtained the approval by the environmental authorities. The EIS includes a set of studies of expertise, namely a biophysics study identifying the area sensitivities and suggesting the guidelines for a more suited layout. Studies were conducted concerning water use, allowing significant levels of reduction of consumption and the use of treated effluent. The advice of the IPA for the project, allowed its assessment under the LiderA system placing it as class A in the search for sustainability.

IPA monitors the construction work of a Shopping Centre

Following the completion and approval of the Portimão Shopping Centre EIS by the IPA, the company is currently making the environmental monitoring of the construction works.

The environmental monitoring carried out by IPA include in addition to spot checks, periodic measurements, most notably the measurement of noise and air quality, and the preparation of monthly environmental reports.

The WWTP of Viseu (South) aims to improve the sewerage system in the municipality of Viseu, in particular by increasing the level of quality treatment and the decommissioning of wastewater treatment plants that now only reach a level of secondary treatment.

At a meeting held on 12 November, the Lisbon Municipality unanimously approved the reduction of IMI (Municipal Tax on Buildings) in 50% for buildings certified under the LiderA system [http://dn.sapo. en / Home / interior.aspx? content_id = 1417753] or with type A+ energy certification.


Following the completion of the Environmental Impact Study, made by IPA, of the Forum Alverca Shopping Centre, Retail Park and Office Area, it was issued the Environmental Impact Statement, by the Environmental Authority.

Since 1991 developing the Environment

Since 1991 IPA has been promoting the prospect of enhancing the environment through an analysis of the various possibilities for improving the plans, projects, and ways to build and operate. These measures concern the environment and aim to promote sustainable development applied to each specific situation.

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